Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New Zealand National Anthem in Sign Language - Auditions to be held week 5

Thank you to all those who showed interest in leading our national anthem in New Zealand Sign Language during assembly.  Please practice as often as possible before auditions which will be held Wednesday the 11th of March in A1. One last optional practice will be held on Tuesday the 10th of March in A1 please watch the notices for further details.


Remember to listen to the words that go along for each sign, go slowly, and move opposite to the video. 
Good luck!!!
Alphabet Sign from East School on Vimeo.

Watch this video to learn the sign language for each letter of the alphabet.


  1. That was really good. Actually, I like it very much, I enjoyed the video. I hope there are more videos on your blog that I can post comments on.

  2. That's a cool video you made.

  3. Lovely sign language Mrs Healy and thanks to the sign language teacher for teaching us the alphabet. :)

  4. What a fantastic video

  5. I like way you are showing people how to do sigh laungage

  6. Thank you Kyrah and Sahib! It is very easy and fun! A1 is learning the alphabet sign for one letter a week. We can already sign words like; head, bed, dad, bag, had, cab and bead. You should try it out! A great way to practice your spelling words.