Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Term 2
Making a Difference

Animals need to go to the vet and to eat and to play. - Frankie

Animals need food. Animals need a house. Animals need love. -Aleyna

Animals need to have food and exercise

The 3 dogs are in the shelter. I took a picture of B5's hospital because animals need to be fixed if they are hurt. The rabbits are  doing exercise. They are running. -Anniyah

I like this mouse he is doing exercise. The monkey needs love and the Panda needs to eat. Some animals need a home so no one can eat them. -Gershom

Animals need love and care and they need food and some shelter.
They need to the vet to get fixed and they need to play and exercise.

I love the lion in the house. -Helen

The animals need love and to go to the hospital. -Summer

Animals need food and exercise and shelter and love. -James

The elephant has a ball to play with. The lion needs to eat the zebra because he is hungry. -Johnny

Animals need a house and food and love and exercise. -Lily 

Animals need shelter so I found a cat shelter.
Animals need to eat so I found a lion eating meat.
Animals need love.

I got a tiger it is eating meat. The dog is in the dog house for shelter. -Paulo

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