Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The weaving process

Aliza getting close to finishing this web.
 1. Collect plastic bags
2. Fold and cut plastic bags
3. Tie cut pieces into plarn
4. WEAVE!!

Arran was very proud of his weaving.

Dante the weaving master.

Joel putting the finishing touches on our last web.

Ziyon happily working on our wacky woven web.
We trialled wrapping the plarn around a spoon instead of making plarn balls. Some students really liked this way and others preferred the plarn ball.
Aj getting one of the webs started
Ariyan weaving away

Daiyaan concentrating on the task

Haleina really enjoyed the weaving.
Weaving buddies Kaea and Viliami

Tait working on our wacky woven web

 Uzhair wove in the       class library.
Dexton and Ziyon working with their team

The great thing about our project was that every part of the process could be done individually, in pairs, or in groups.

Moses worked hard from start to finish.

Puhi starting a new web.


  1. Very crafty! Love the different colors in them!

  2. well done a1


  3. A1 you are so amazing at your lovey thing.