Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Wacky Woven Webs

Spiders are so versatile that they can live and survive in many different habitats, including our living classroom! To pay tribute to our tiny hairy friends A1 worked diligently cutting and tying plastic shopping bags together to make plarn (plastic yarn).  
A1’s clever students then carefully wove the beautiful plarn spider webs you see below. It really was TRASH to TREASURE!

Our webs have been installed in the living classroom across from the stream. We couldn't be more proud.


So proud of our work!

A1 spiders in the webs!!

 Dear Whanau: If you did not get a chance to go down to the living classroom please feel free to ask Miss Healey to book in a time and she will unlock the gate and take you down with your child after school, the trail of sculptures our school has created are really worth seeing!!


  1. well done a1 I really like your pictures and it is amazing and I am proud of a1.

    from angel class c1

  2. wow I am very amazed of you room a1 I like I am very happy cool.

    by angel

  3. I love your sculpture and yes you should be proud of it